// The Bureau of Transgressive Tourism and the Acquisition of its Archives / est. 2013 //

The BTTAA is on the lookout for manifestations of the values cultivated by people. We are interested in the ways in which we communicate value: How do we assess the importance of an idea or a piece of information? Is our concept of value idiosyncratic, or a product of certain cultural ideals?

Tourism is the practice of acquiring universal experiences for one self. Acts of tourism are dictated and propagated by the indiscriminate acceptance of a places’ cultural relevance and value. Although these locations may be static, their influence is pervasive; because what they represent transcends their physicality. Experiences live on through the resurgence of objects and memories creating an idealized version of the truth. Destinations and attractions remain relevant because acts of travel live externally as stories, pictures, postcards and souvenirs. These documents further validate these destinations and convince others of their worth.

We work creatively to formulate and produce work by integrating fieldwork, empirical research and conjecture. Our projects range in medium, size and content. We use the structure of the archive because it provides the space for questions to be approached from multiple angles while concurrently generating new ones due to the archive’s involvement in the art world and research facilities.